Latvia - Hidden startup gem
Before the Summer season officially begins, we decided to share our current outcomes. In just over two months, we all managed to achieve absolutely incredible results at the cost of incredible efforts.
We've recieved more than 60 leads from startups to relocate to Latvia

Achieved 100% success on Latvian investment agency application approval rate

Founders of 10 projects already apply for a residence permit and opened a company

Prepared another 10 projects to begin registration at the very beginning of May.

Formed unique solutions for DLT projects for their ecosystem integration.

Seems like a great moment to go cool down the Bollinger and celebrate these victories until you get a glimpse of what we are preparing for the upcoming May.

1.A special offer and the chance to obtain a residence permit as an investor in our startups

2.Private banking for startups (as we call it)

3.Absolutely unprecedented and never before seen opportunities for opening accounts and financial services

4.A large number of public partnerships with VC from the European Union

Oh, and another great thing:

On May 28, 2019, we will host an official presentation at the Collider space in Moscow. You will hear about all the possibilities when it comes to startup system in Latvia, our success stories told in the first-person.
We will also select startups to present to local funds (no more pitches!).

Let's slowly move into the fantastic summer mood & keep going together!

03/05/2019 - MISSION:TEAM